Training and Continuing Professional Development

It is important to me to build on and develop my knowledge and therapy skills on an ongoing basis as I want my clients receive the best holistic therapy care I can give them.  I believe an ongoing programme of continuing professional development enables me to do this.


Foot Reading                                          Tutor: Jane Sheehan           
CALM Technique                                    Inspira Academy – Sue Evans
Reflexology Lymph Drainage               Award winning technique developed by Sally Kay                

Supporting the client in Pain
with Nerve Reflexology                         Tutor: Dr. Carol Samuel PhD     

Precision Reflexology                           Tutor: Jan Williamson         

Reiki I                                                      Reiki Master: Susie Jennings               
Reiki II                                                     Reiki Master: Susie Jennings

Diploma in Indian Head Massage        Tutor: Mary Atkinson  

Colour Therapy Workshop                   Tutor: Valerie Logan-Clarke          


Training Workshops/Webinars

Reflexology for Cancer Care                                      –      Peter Mackereth
Menopause, Meridians and Hand Reflexology         –      Geraldine Giles
Round About the Spine                                               –      Peter Lund Frandsen and Dorthe Krogsgaard
HypnoReflexology                                                       –       Dr Peter Mackereth

Reflexes: Physical and Emotional                             –       Tracy Smith, Sue Smith, Jane Sheehan

Introduction to Womens Health, using nutrition      –        Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD
to balance hormones