An exhausted‭, ‬stressed and depleted body may not be able to fully restore its equilibrium‭, ‬or balance without some‭ ‬help‭. Over time‭, ‬health issues and disorders may develop such as muscle tensions‭, ‬back pain, headaches‭, ‬sleeping disorders‭, ‬blood pressure issues and digestive disorders‭, ‬to name but a few‭.‬ By working the reflexes of the feet and the resulting contact with the meridians and calming of the nervous system‭, ‬therapeutic Reflexology is able to initiate a cascade of repairing and healing messages throughout the body‭.  ‬While Reflexology may be used to reduce pain and relieve specific symptoms‭, ‬its‭ ‬primary purpose is to strengthen‭, support and maintain all body functions.