Client Comments

I discovered the benefits of reflexology many years ago when I was suffering with migraine headaches.  I then found that it  also helped me with stress.  When I moved to this area I had to find  a new reflexologist and have been so lucky in finding Jan.  Jan has helped me with many problems i.e. sleeping, fluid retention and when my stress levels are high.  I come away from a session with Jan feeling like a new person and much more positive and relaxed.   If you are trying reflexology for the first time I would recommend Jan one hundred percent.

I find reflexology with Jan so very relaxing. In fact I sometimes nod off. I always leave feeling refreshed, healed and optimistic about the future.

Never having  had reflexology before and not being  too keen at the thought of it I am now totally converted. I have a lot on my mind and find that the hour’s session enables me to switch off from any negative thoughts and completely relax. 

We discovered Jan by chance via Google! Great Website that looked professional!

In mid January 2016 we were stressed with our 12 year old presenting with chronic pain in his groin area – The surgeons had had their go and the doctors had given up on us…. We had no where to go so picked up the phone and we are SO glad we did!

Jan saw us very quickly immediately put our mind at rest on the phone and then when we arrived with her very professional approach.

Through her work Jan helped our son manage and the reduce his pain from extreme to background and now nonexistent, We continue to visit Jan  every 4 – 6 weeks, Jan is helping our son through his growth spurts and hormone spikes!  

From our Son’s View Point (12yrs old)

“I like Jan, she is friendly and great at talking – she makes me really comfortable & she can read minds!  (She guessed my favorite film without any clues when we 1st met and I was in mega pain – Think mum & dad may have helped her!) The sessions help my pain go away and it relaxes me. When Jan works my feet it feels oddly nice and soothing (the breeze stroke is best). The fresh fluffy towels and the cool lighting is great too”

I am not sure if it is just reflexology…or Jan and reflexology..but my experience of treatments with Jan is quite special. I have a really deep relaxation most times and i have found it very beneficial for my health. I know of the benefits of reflexology as i have been around it for many years, but to experience such great healings every time is priceless. reflexology with Jan is simply amazing !!

I find having regular reflexology sessions beneficial on many levels. Not only are the sessions both relaxing and invigorating, they are also extremely enjoyable, and provide essential ‘me’ time within a busy life/work schedule. In addition, I believe that  reflexology has contributed positively to my general good health over the last 20 years. Consequently, I wouldn’t miss my monthly appointment with Jan for the world!