What to expect during a treatment

Our first session together includes a brief consultation which helps to paint a picture of your current health and wellbeing status.  You will be invited to make yourself comfortable on a super comfy padded therapy couch which cradles you while you enjoy whichever therapy you have chosen. Your feet are wrapped in warm towels while you’re tucked up in a lovely fleecy blanket.  

For Reflexology, the feet are gently cleansed and we start with some gently relaxing loosening movements which are designed to ease you gently into the rest of your treatment.  I will call on a variety of reflexology techniques depending on what you’ve told me during the consultation and dictated by what I find while working the reflexes on your feet. These movements are designed to work to encourage the release of blockages, which in turn helps to eliminate toxins, ease tension and improve circulation. The process should not be painful but some reflexes may present as tender or sensitive and these will be gently worked using a variety of different pressures and stimulation.  Most people find the sensations produced during a session to be incredibly soothing and profoundly relaxing.

At the end of your session you will be encouraged to drink a glass of water as these therapies are extremely effective in improving circulation and improving the function of the lymphatic system.  We will have a chat about how you can care for yourself following your therapy session so that you can get the most from your therapy.

Most of us have extremely busy and stressful lives and many clients find that complementary therapy can interrupt the pattern of stress and its impact on their bodies to such an extent that many of their symptoms are relieved or even disappear.  The cumulative effect is even more effective and many clients usually prefer to follow a course of treatments (4-6) with health and wellbeing progress assessed on a regular basis and any changes to the therapy plan made as needed.  When clients feel that they are on a more even and healthy keel, they usually change to monthly or quarterly sessions of maintenance or top-up doses of their chosen therapy.